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Traveling Without an Estate Plan – Why Leaving the Lights on is the Least of Your Worries

Yes, it’s that time of year again…vacation season.  Memorial Day weekend is coming soon, the kids will be out of school in no time, and the summer vacation season will be in full force.  No matter how detailed our plan, before we leave on vacation we always seem to forget something – or at least we think we forgot something.  How about you?  Do you ever worry that you have left a light on, maybe forgot to put the garage door down (that’s mine), or you didn’t lock all the doors to the house?  We all have.  Those are some of the common worries.  So this is my question to you, have you ever worried about what would happen to your children if something happened to you?

Most parents haven’t thought about this, or at least have never done anything to take care of it.  Did you know that only about 33% of parents have named guardians for their children…ONLY 33%?!  Yet we consider them to be the most precious gift and most important part of our lives!  I encourage you to take it upon yourself to put together an Estate Plan to ensure that your kids and finances are cared for by who YOU want in the exact way that YOU want…BEFORE you go on vacation!

Too often, parents realize at the last minute that they need a plan in place – sometimes literally a day or two before they are leaving!  Sadly, it’s often too late to put something in place that is even somewhat thought-out before they leave.  It may go without saying – procrastination is the number one reason we see for families not having the needed legal documentation in place. I can’t count the number of times we have counseled caring parents through making these important decisions, and hear “yeah, we’ve been thinking about it for years, but have always put off the step of doing something about it.”

Here are three critically important items to have in place before you go on vacation:

  • Name guardians for your children and make sure it is legally documenteddon’t let the court system decide who will care for your children. Make sure you plan for the long-term AND short-term.
  • Have a power of attorney for health care and patient advocate designation in place so your family isn’t caught in a bitter conflict over your medical care.
  • Have your finances in order so they aren’t lost to taxes or a lengthy court process.

Make sure you take these important steps before YOU go on vacation.  And make sure you work with a firm that specializes /focuses on estate planning for families.  If you have questions – ASK!  Call Our Office Today for a Complimentary Consultation Before Your Next Trip!!  602.371.8898

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