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To really understand what we at Premier Documents do, I ask the following question: What is estate planning?

If you lost the ability to manage your affairs due to an incapacitation, what planning documents do you have in place to make sure someone you trust can step in and make decisions for you?

Many people feel that Estate Planning is for more mature people. All of us were born with the gift of optimism that allows us to put off this important planning. It has always been challenging trying to advise my peers that they too need to think about these issues.

Estate Planning is about control. Control can mean multiple things in the world of estate planning. Today I want to focus on those with minor children. Who will take care of your children? Who will manage the monies you leave behind for their care? Did you know that minors can not inherit money without the proper planning documents? What happens without proper planning documents? A guardianship & conservatorship proceeding that will last until the kids are 18. Did you know that if money is left behind for a minor, they will be given a lump sum distribution when they are an “adult” at 18 years old? believe that most of you don’t feel that is a great plan.

Many people have a misnomer that Estate Planning is expensive. Have you ever considered the cost of your current plan? Yes, even if you don’t have your own plan, the state of your domicile has a plan for you. It will involve attorneys and court proceedings that far exceed the cost of a well drafted estate plan. Our documents are designed custom for your family. The range of fees typically fall between $1200-$3000 for a full estate plan. For a married couple this includes 13 documents.

Premier Documents is a family owned business. We offer a relaxed complimentary consultation where you can learn all of the options available to you. We educate and then you make a decision as to what is best for your family. There is no clock ticking in our office. We spend the time needed to make sure you are completely comfortable. There are no dumb questions….after all, for most people….this is your first time learning about a complex topic. Please take an hour or two out of your day to learn how to protect your family. You will be glad you did.

We put on events often.  If you would just like to meet, that is great as well. We are happy to come to your home or meet at one of our offices. We work evenings and weekends as well.

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